Summertime is here. That means there will be plenty of days spent lounging poolside. Whether your pool is saltwater or chlorine (or perhaps a hybrid), proper maintenance allows you to rest assured that your pool is free of contaminants.

Economy Pool of Florida wants to help you keep up with the proper maintenance and cleaning of your pool. 

Saltwater Pools

Many people love saltwater pools for their low chemical content. The salt produces enough chlorine that there does not need to be any additional chemicals. 

Saltwater pools also tend to be gentler on the skin and eyes. They also tend to cause less fading on swimwear than chlorine pools. 

Typically, saltwater pools also require less continuous maintenance than chlorine pools do. 

The salt cells require looking at every two months. At the very minimum, there should be thorough cleaning every 6 months. Although, that can also occur more often if need be.

The cleaning of saltwater pools encompasses checking to see if there are any salt deposits present. If there are not any, the next cleaning steps can happen. 

Chlorine Pools

Chlorine pools are still very popular despite the rising popularity of saltwater pools. 

Chlorine pools contain more chemicals than saltwater pools to remain clean. These chemicals can often irritate skin and eyes, and they can even fade swimwear over time. However, chlorine pools also cause less erosion to the pool equipment. 

The chlorine levels in these pools do need regular checks. In fact, there must be regular maintenance of the chlorine levels every 2 to 3 days or every other day.

There must be proper levels of chlorine at all times in order for the pool to stay low in contaminants. 

A chlorine pool should also be deep cleaned every 2 months. During the summer time, a clean might occur more frequently, depending on the amount of use.  

The summertime is great for relaxing by the pool. While you are relaxing, you want to be sure that your pool is free of any harmful contaminants. Economy Pool of Florida is here to help you with any pool cleaning and maintenance needs you may have. Our specialized and qualified staff is here to assist you with any questions regarding your pool. Whether your pool has chlorine or saltwater, we can make sure it stays clean all throughout the year. That way, you can enjoy your summer days without any stress of necessary pool cleanings. Contact Economy Pool today with any questions.