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Tips for Maintaining Your Pool Heater

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Tips for Maintaining Your Pool Heater

Taking a dip in the swimming pool brings relaxation after long working hours. Having a heating system in your pool gives you more pleasure and makes your investment more useful. There are many pool heater options you will encounter when you go to the market. 

If you get stranded about how to go about the selection, you should contact Fiji Pools of Florida to get experienced pool care professionals to help you narrow down to the best choice for your needs. After installation, you will learn about DIY pool heater maintenance tips to observe. Some of them include the following: 

Tip #1: Sealing Up the Crevices in Your Heater

A pool heater serves as a perfect breeding and hibernating site for critters and rodents. Rodents can squeeze into the smallest cracks and crevices. They are likely to make nests using plastic pieces, leaves, and fabrics. 

Such nests are risky because they might bring a fire hazard in your heater. They might also clog the intake valves, hence reducing your pool’s efficiency. To keep them away, you should use mothballs to seal up the cracks and steel wool to prevent them from crawling. Rodents, critters, and other pests dislike the smell of mothballs. Additionally, they cannot chew steel wool, making this an effective technique for maintaining your heater. 

Tip #2: Keep Checking Your Bonding Wire

It is advisable to bond your pool heater to your pool system to disperse currents safely and balance electrical pressure. When the professionals do this, you will have to constantly check the bonding wire because it might loosen over time. It is advisable to regularly check it visually to ensure that it connects perfectly to the heater.

For proper pool heater maintenance, you can give the wire a tender pull to ascertain its firmness. If you notice that it is loose, you should fasten it with a screwdriver. However, if the bonding wire is missing, you should get professionals to replace it immediately. 

Tip #3: Clean Your Heater Regularly

It is not advisable to neglect your heater because of the leaves and debris that fall therein. Removal of the leaves prevents moisture formation. Moisture accelerates corrosion, and it can clutch your pump motor, especially during spring. Also, the accumulation of debris makes the environment safe for rodents and critters to hide. 

Some of these animals, like mice, are dangerous because they can chew the wires of the heater. By removing leaves, you ensure there is no breeding room for animals.

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Neglecting to repair or maintain your pool can decrease the lifespan on your pool. Fiji Pools Services will keep your pool in pristine condition, prolonging the life of your pool. We are here to help! Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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