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Most Common Reasons for Your Pool Leaking

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Longer, warmer days will soon be upon us. The sparkling waters of your backyard pool will beckon to you for times of fun and relaxation. But what if you notice those waters start to drain away? Learn about the most common causes of leaks in an inground pool and how to stop them.

Faulty Construction

Sometimes the problems start at the very beginning. Carefully inspect your pool right after installation. Closely monitor the water levels, and call the installers right away if you notice a drop in the water level. The cause may be improper installation or faulty, substandard materials. Communicate that you want the problem addressed immediately.

Aging Equipment

If your pool begins leaking after years of service, it may be that aging equipment is to blame. The pool system has many parts and pieces that are joined together by fittings. These fittings are susceptible to deterioration, especially around the water pump. Plumbing is also vulnerable to wear and tear. Pipes can become broken at the joints or develop splits or cracks over time. Water loss tends to begin as a drip but quickly escalates to a leak if left unattended.

Chemical Imbalances

All equipment falters with age, but chemical imbalances can increase the rate of deterioration. If chemical additives are not maintained properly, the unbalanced chemicals corrode and eat away at metal and plastic pieces. Be diligent in maintaining proper chemical levels to protect the structure of your pool.

Ground Conditions

Many factors contributing to a pool’s ability to hold water are affected by the installer and the owner. However, other factors are outside of anyone else’s control. Characteristics of the ground in which the pool is installed will also come into play. 

These ground features include the type of soil, settling of the earth, seismic pressures and even the presence of tree roots. These factors should be considered and monitored but cannot be eliminated.

If you detect a leak in your pool, take action immediately. Turn to the experts of the Fiji Pools of Florida. Our professional team has been servicing the needs of the Venice and Jacksonville areas for almost 47 years. We will partner with you in maintaining and extending the life of your pool. Contact Fiji Pools of Florida to bring enjoyment back into pool ownership.

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