Your pool is an investment. If it goes bad, it costs you more money than if you kept up with the maintenance. We’re here to help you prevent the degradation of your pool. Anything can throw off the pH balance in your pool. Chlorine and pH testing and application is not all there is, so DIY pool maintenance is not a suggestion. There’s a chemistry that is needed for a pool to serve you safely.Call us for your residential or commercial pool services. We have trained technicians that will service, close and maintain a commercial pool of any size and capacity. 

Pool Heaters in St. Petersburg

We are the home to the Heliocol ™  solar heating system. We live in a warm climate, but the water holds cooler temps and you’ll find your pool feeling like a pond any time of the year. This system outlives other systems, needing no maintenance. It’s a one-piece solar panel system. It is storm resistant so no worries about replacing it post-storm. We also offer heat pumps which are also economical.  Call us for a free estimate on your pool heating system that’s right for you.

Pool Cleaning St Petersburg

A big and necessary part of pool maintenance is pool clearing. Skimming of debris and making sure the pump is working optimally by clearing the mechanism are elements of pool ownership that can be overlooked. That’s never a good situation and can be costly in the long run. Testing chemicals and applying them correctly is also a part of pool cleaning. Call us for a quote on your regular pool cleaning maintenance. We stock our own chlorine tabs and chemicals engineered to achieve success. 

Equipment Repair in St. Petersburg

Your equipment is an important part of the life of your pool. Repairing what you have can be less expensive than replacement. 

We Offer:

  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Motors
  • Full equipment upgrades
  • Pool heater
  •  Light Repair, 
  • Salt Water
  • Chlorine Systems 
  • Automation

Great job getting our pool back up and running! Very cost effective and super nice people.

Scott & Michelle L.

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