Pool cleaning, closing and maintenance are a must in Florida. The heat, water and elements will disturb the balance of your pool. Professional servicing is much more than DIY chlorine application and pH testing. Call us here at Economy Pool and ask us about the variety of supplies, chemicals and services we provide the community for all their pool service needs. 

Pool Cleaning in Jacksonville, FL

We carry our own line of chemicals and supplies that are custom engineered for the performance you want. Your pool chemical balance must be in place correctly at all times. The sunlight, temperature changes; even slight; pH balance, and minerals can encourage algae growth. This in turn can cause a health risk and clog the filtration system allowing other elements in. Call us today to discuss your pool cleaning supply needs. Let’s also determine whether our full-charge pool services are a fit for you.

We have a plan for anyone!

  • Silver Service
  • Bi-Weekly Gold Plan
  • Weekly Platinum 

Call us to discuss which plan is most economical and effective for your pool servicing solutions. Complete commercial pool service is also available. 

Pool Closing Service in Jacksonville

Your pool must be closed if it will not be in use. There is no need to winterize a pool in Florida. So, the closing will only take a few steps and must be done professionally and correctly. The water is lowered and then drained out of the lines. There is nothing left inside the pool and the appropriate cover is secured over the top for protection and safety. The pools here are closed because people go away seasonally and sometimes rent their homes out. If you do, you’ll need pool maintenance that you are in control of and not your tenant. It’s too risky. Call us today to discuss pool closing needs. 

Commercial Services in Jacksonville, FL 

Commercial pool services are offered with everything from your pool equipment and cleaning to pool maintenance services that are complete and economical. We carry and use state-of-the-art chemicals that keep your pool at the right levels. Anything including people using your pool just to swim will throw the pH balance off. Maintenance is key and you can save yourself time and money by calling Economy Pool to discuss your pool service needs with a trained pool maintenance technician.

Pick up your phone and give us a call the second you are ready to begin, and we will set up a time to meet with you at your convenience. With your needs in mind, we will help you find a treatment option that works for you better than the other solutions. Keeping your pool clean and healthy is our mission, and we do what it takes to achieve that goal. Contact us today!