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Five Tips to Opening Your Pool This Spring

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Spring in Florida is just around the corner, which means pool season. Sometimes pool owners become overwhelmed with the thought of getting everything ready. However, there are five practical steps that pool owners can take to more effectively welcome in the spring.

Uncover the Pool

It is a great idea to use a pool cover during the off-season. However, when temperatures rise, it can become a Petri dish for algae. By uncovering the pool earlier, the scum buildup decreases, making cleanup more convenient and cost-effective.

Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance should begin immediately upon uncovering the pool. After removing the plugs from both the returns and the skimmers, replace the skimmer basket. Also, make sure to insert the plugs back into the pump and filter system.

Turn On the Pump and Brush

Because of algae growth, the pool water will appear green. It is now time to turn on the pump and let it do its job. Upon turning on the pump and filter system, the returns will begin to bubble as water flows into the pump. If the bubbling does not start, the pump may need priming. Do this by adding water manually through the strainer. After 2-3 days, the pool’s interior walls will be ready to clean with a pool brush.

Pool Water Chemistry

Now that the pool maintenance is complete, it is crucial to have the right pH levels, alkaline and sanitization balances in the pool water. These chemicals protect the pool and the swimmer. Finding the right chemistry varies from pool type and size. It is a good idea to keep water testing kits on hand to determine your levels throughout the season.

Daily Pumping Routine 

Despite having the proper chemical balances, pool water can become stagnant, murky and unsafe without adequate water circulation. Running the pool pump and filter system will keep the pool water looking crisp and sanitary all season long. Daily pump and filtering, for a duration of 10-13 hours a day, is optimum. 

Following these tips will make getting the pool ready for use easier and eliminate many issues waiting until the last minute can cause. Proper research and planning can help make this pool season a splash.

For more information on these and other helpful tips, feel free to contact Fiji Pools of Florida.

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