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When Should You Close Your Pool?

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Keeping a well-maintained swimming pool benefits your entire family, providing hours of outdoor recreation for the kids and relaxation for the parents. One of the most critical aspects of pool maintenance that many undervalue is closing your pool properly for the season. 

It’s easy to close down your pool when it feels convenient. But if the conditions are not appropriate, you may be costing yourself time and money come springtime. Here at Fiji Pools, we put together the key factors that determine how and when you should close your pool.

The Effects of Weather and Temperature

Balancing the chemicals in your pool is a critical step when shutting down the pool for the year. They subdue algae growth and keep your pool sanitary until you can open it next season.

Proper application of chemicals is of no use if your pool closing is improperly timed. Warm weather promotes algae growth, and the chemicals you have added will not be enough to keep the water from turning green, which can result in expensive cleanup efforts and a delayed pool opening.

There is no universal “best time” to close your pool because your region’s climate largely determines it for you — you may close your pool by October in New York but wait until December in Florida. Monitor your pool’s temperature because once it stays consistently below 60 degrees, the chances of algae and other harmful microorganisms growing is sufficiently reduced. Once your pool is regularly cool enough, you should consult a pool professional to advise on the proper chemical treatment for closed pools.

When to Close Your Pool 

If you live in a wooded area or simply have a lot of tree cover on your property, closing your pool can partially depend on how much debris will fall into it. As the fall months approach, it is best to cover your pool before the leaves start falling. If not done early enough, you may be subjecting yourself to excessive cleaning and chemical balancing that could have otherwise been avoided.

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Knowing how and when to properly close your pool is critical to ensuring a smooth and stress-free reopening. Every pool is unique and correctly closing it down entails a number of considerations. We want your pool to be a rewarding experience for the whole family and that means its maintenance should be worry-free. If you would like professional advice and service for your pool needs, contact our team at Fiji Pools today.

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