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Top 10 Pool Safety Tips

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It’s hard not to associate a fun day at the pool with summer. As you head out for a day full of splashes, remember some important pool safety tips.

Walk, Don’t Run

This rule is perhaps the oldest ones in the book. Many people have memories of their parents or a lifeguard yelling at them to walk around the pool instead of running. Adults remind kids of this rule, as it is crucial for them to remember, yet easy to ignore. But, both kids and adults alike need to follow this safety rule at all times.

Do Not Swim Alone

Swimming alone is a recipe for disaster. An accident can easily happen in the blink of an eye. Having someone with you is the perfect safety measure for even the best swimmers. Your swimming partner can either jump in to help call 911 and get you the help you need.

Don’t Swim Without a Lifeguard on Duty

Trained lifeguards know how to help in a swimming emergency. It’s foolish to swim without one on duty. If you are in a situation where no lifeguard is available, everyone should take shift acting as the lifeguard so someone is always watching out for the swimmers.

Put Down the Phone

Phones have become an everyday part of our lives. But, looking at them at inconvenient times can lead to disaster in an instant. When you are at the pool, use that time to disconnect from technology for a while. Keep your eyes on the swimmers in the pool so you can act quickly if a dangerous situation arises.

Don’t Eat in the Water

Eating in the pool is unsanitary and potentially dangerous. Choking on food or water in the water can lead to disaster. Wait until you are out of the water to dig in.

Use Caution While Diving

Diving safely requires extremely deep water. Diving in water that is too shallow can lead to nightmarish head injuries. Only dive in areas that are designated for it, and only do so when a lifeguard is on duty.

No Breath-Holding Contests

Seemingly innocent breath-holding contests can turn disastrous in an instant. Holding your breath underwater can lead to injury or death in a matter of seconds.

No Pushing

It can be tempting to push your friend into the pool. But, it is crucial to resist that temptation. The unsuspecting victim of this prank could easily get seriously hurt.

Wear a Life Vest

Wearing a life vest is a great way to prevent the risk of drowning. Even if you are a strong swimmer, wearing one can save your life.

Swim in Designated Areas Only

Whether you are in a natural body or an enclosed swimming pool, reserve your swimming for designated areas only. Venturing into forbidden areas can become tragic quickly. 

Have Questions?

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