What Colder Temperatures Do to Your Pool

With winter upon us, the days of splashing around in the pool are behind us until next summer comes around. As a pool owner, you’ve no doubt prepared your pool for the winter, but you may be wondering if there is any other maintenance needed during the cold season. Keep reading for facts on what colder temperatures do to your pool.

Colder Air, Colder Water

As the air is cooling down, the temperature of the water will cool as well. This usually means that you will not need to worry about algae growth, however, if there is heavy rain followed by a day of sun, algae will start to grow.

Colder water temperatures also means there is a possibility of frozen equipment. In order to prevent frozen equipment or from experiencing a power outage, it is suggested that you keep your pumps running at all times.

You should also remove winterizing plugs from any equipment that can be drained. Consider installing a Freeze Protector, a device that will circulate the water whenever the temperatures drop.

Colder Temperatures and Maintenance

While it isn’t imperative that you continue maintaining your pool during the winter months, it is recommended. To ensure clean water in your pool, it is suggested that you do bi-weekly chemical treatments.

You should make it a priority to will to make sure that the pump and skimmer baskets are always emptied. Otherwise freezing water can damage this equipment.To keep your pool safe from harm during the colder months is to make sure that your water levels stay maintained- if it is too high or low it will cause damage.

Run your pool’s heater on days when it is expected to reach below freezing. Change the direction of your pool jets to an upward angle to keep warm water at the surface. Keeping the valves open will also help keep warm water circulating.

While freezing temperatures don’t often occur in Florida, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Keep your pool safe from damage over the winter. For more help with winter weather maintenance for your pool, contact Economy Pool today.