How to Maintain a Saltwater Pool

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More and more people are starting to reap the benefits of a saltwater pool. In comparison traditional pools, saltwater pools tend to have much lower chlorine levels. This means your family is far less at risk of experiencing skin and eye irritation. However, regular maintenance remains just as critical. Here are some of the most important aspects of maintaining a saltwater pool.

Check pH Levels Weekly

Be sure to check your saltwater pool’s pH levels on a weekly basis. Ideally, the pH level of the water should remain at 7.4 to 7.6. If the pH is too high, it’ll be harder for the chlorine to effectively clean the water. Meanwhile, a low pH can cause corrosion. In order to maintain the proper level, chemical treatments may need to be added.

Clean and Inspect the Pool Components

Don’t forget to inspect and clean your pool components. This is especially true for the filter, pump, and skimmer. If you aren’t careful, these components can easily become clogged with debris. The cleanliness of your pool will be jeopardized.

Don’t Overlook the Bottom of the Pool

Over time, excess salt can start to collect at the bottom of your pool. If you allow the salt to remain, it will eventually stain the tile. Simply using a pool brush to clean the bottom will help prevent problems.

Protect the Pool and Surrounding Area from Damage

Saltwater is certainly gentler on your skin. However, salt can cause the pool lining to become dry and brittle. This is why the lining needs to be scrubbed every so often. You can also apply an anti-salt solution to the lining. Protecting your pool deck is equally as important. Coating the surface with a sealant will provide an extra degree of protection.

Address Problems Immediately

It’s always a good idea to address problems in a timely matter. Promptly taking action can actually prevent other problems from occurring, which means more money saved in the long run. For example, you may notice black algae forming in the water. Instead of hoping the issue simply goes away, the best approach is to contact a professional.

Shocking Your Pool

If you’re planning to have guests over for a pool party, you may need to “shock” the water. This process involves added special chemicals to the water, which help deter the growth of bacteria.

You can always trust Economy Pools to properly maintain your pool. Our experienced professionals take their job seriously. From water analysis to cleaning, we offer a wide range of important pool services. Contact Economy Pool for a free quote on service.