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Treatments to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

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Getting your pool ready for summer isn’t hard, but you will need the proper tools and chemicals to get the job done. Here are some treatments you can use to get your pool ready for summer.

A Pool Water Test Kit

This test kit is essential to ensure that your pool water chemistry is balanced appropriately. Maintaining the proper chemical balance is vital to keeping a healthy pool all season long. There are several types of pool test kits you can purchase, such as test strips, liquid kits, and digital testers. All of these are very useful and can get the job done.

Chlorine Treatment

Chlorine is the most popular treatment for pools because it eliminates germs and keeps everything very clean. Every pool requires a different chlorine level depending on its size, so keep that in mind when putting this chemical into your pool.

Ozone Treatment

You can purchase an Ozonator to place in your pool’s pump room. It will suck oxygen from outside and use it to create ozone. Then, the ozone is filtered into the dirty pool water and is sent out as clean water.

Bromium Treatment

Bromium is similar to chlorine but is somewhat easier to administer into your pool. It is also less harsh to the human body. You can purchase it in slowly dissolving tabs or rapidly dissolving briquettes. You can also place a brominator in your pool filter, which will slowly diffuse in the filter circuit.

Copper-Silver Ionization

An ionizing chamber can be placed in your pool’s filter and it will emit electrodes, which are made from copper and silver. These chemicals will omit algae, fungi, and bacteria from your pool. If you have a large pool, this treatment is ideal because it will be able to disinfect large areas. Fungi and algae are hard to clean, but this treatment will take care of it.

UV Ray Treatment

If you aren’t fond of harsh chemicals, you can use UV rays as a pool treatment! Simply place an ultraviolet ray lamp in the filter circuit and it will kill microorganisms that pass through. The water comes out disinfected, but without using chemicals.

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