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Information About Pool Leaks

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Pool leaks can happen almost anywhere in your pool. Leaks may be found in the fittings or accessories, as well as other parts in the pool. If you suspect that your pool has a leak, then contact a professional to look at it. A one-inch leak can equate to 500 gallons of water lost.

You may notice the water levels in your pool are declining, more than evaporation can explain.

With in-ground pools, a leak can also happen by underground piping.

Types of Pool Leaks

If your pool is leaking with the equipment on, then it can mean there is a pressure-side return leak. However, a leak with the pipes off indicates a suction side leak. Determining the type of leak you have is an important step in treating it. Figure out if the pool leaks all of the time. What kind of pool do you have? The first step in fixing the leak is finding it.

Home Pool Leak Detection

There are a few methods to finding a pool leak at home. You may want to take the time to find where the leak is coming from. You can use the bucket method, which requires a 5-gallon plastic bucket and a way of marking, either a marker or tape.

First, put your bucket on the staircase of the pool at the second step. Indicate where the water level is at with the marker. Now, turn off the pump. Check the results after 24 hours. If the bucket water and pool are lower but are even, then it’s due to evaporation. But, if the pool level is lower than that in the bucket, then the water loss can be due to a leak.

Our professionals also have effective methods of checking for leaks and water levels. Be sure to ask us how to help you today.

Checking For A Leak

You may find that the ground surrounding the pool is wet. An important way to repair a leak is by repairing the liner. Over time, the vinyl will be degraded, and it will need to be fixed.

Major leaks require immediate repair. There are also products available over the counter that can help. If you notice that your pool has a leak, then contact us today. Our team will be able to help you fix your pool’s leak. Fiji Pools of Florida has experience providing expert pool service. Call today or book an appointment online.

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