Port Richey is close to the beautiful beaches of Clearwater, FL. However, to escape the crowds, many people like to enjoy the warmth of the area in their own pools. Unfortunately, the hot temperatures and intense sun often causes algae to form. To keep your pool looking its best and feeling as clean as possible, it is essential to work with a trusted professional pool service company.

At Economy Pool, we offer a variety of services that keep your pool looking its best. These include regular cleanings, equipment inspection, and routine maintenance.

Pool Cleaning

My pool is green. What can I do to make it look clear? The answer lies in regular pool cleaning. At Economy Pool, we help to maintain the clarity of your water whenever you use your pool.

To help educate our customers, we offer a “Pool School,” which explains how to keep things balanced in between professional visits. Since we want to do our part for the environment, we use eco-friendly products. With our assistance, you will never say “my pool is green” again.

Pool Equipment Repair

When something is wrong with your pool, our technicians will arrive quickly to diagnose the problem. When issues are detected, we are prepared to perform pool equipment repair. We have access to a multitude of parts so that your pool will be up and running in no time. If repairs are not possible, we will discuss replacement options.

Pool Leak Detection

There is nothing more frustrating than uncovering that your pool has a leak. It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact place where the water is escaping. Instead of wasting time, it is wise to work with a professional company. At Economy Pool, we have experience identifying leaks and locating the source of the problem. We will perform necessary repairs so that you can get back to enjoying the water.

Various Pool Equipment Repair Included in Our Pool Service

  • heaters
  • filters
  • pumps
  • accessories
  • saltwater equipment

Our Three Service Plans

  • Monthly Silver Service: We perform monthly filter cleaning and chemical checks. Also, we empty your skimmer and pump baskets with each visit.
  • Bi-Weekly Gold Service: We clean your filter and saltwater cell monthly and check and balance chemicals. Also, we brush tiles, rails, and walls. We skim the surface of the water, empty the skimmer and pump baskets, and vacuum. We include our free service call guarantee as well.
  • Weekly Platinum Service: We provide all services in the Gold plan plus bi-weekly filter cleaning. Also, we offer discounted pool equipment repairs and include algae treatments.

Top Pool Cleaning Port Richey Services

When you want your pool looking its best and functioning efficiently, work with the experts at Economy Pool of Florida. We provide top cleaning, routine maintenance, and repair services. We are a licensed pool contractor, and we promise to exceed your expectations.

To schedule an appointment, call us at 1-888-515-5654.