Professional Grade Pool Heaters

Adding a heating system to your pool gives you much more use of the pool. Heating your pool will increase your usage and the pleasure you get from owning your pool. There are various ways to heat pools and it’s important to understand your options so you make the best choice for you and your family’s swimming needs.

Solar Heating

Solar Pool Heating lets you use your pool Year-Round. Your pool is a place for fun, exercise and relaxation—a vacation in your backyard. Just because the summer ends doesn’t mean your pool time should. Indulge in endless fun with Heliocol’s solar pool heating system installed by Economy Pool Supplies and Service. Heliocol solar panels have a full 12 year parts and labor warranty.


Heliocol’s cutting-edge solar panel technology taps into our greatest free-energy resource, the sun, so you can enjoy comfortable water temperatures even in tie cooler months. Treat yourself to the year-round leisure lifestyle anc enjoy pool parties, family fun and fantastic memories. Since 1977, Heliocol has oeen creating innovative solar pool seating with unequaled usability, durability and elegance. Heliocol is the top selling solar pool panel manufacturer in the world. Don’t wait for summer. Use your pool every day with Heliocol’s solar pool heating system.

Helicol Benefits:

  • Hurricane resistant — Violent storms are no match for Heliocol’s durable panels and mounting method.
  • Long lasting — Unique, individual tune design eliminates wear from natural expansion and contraction.
  • Quality Guaranteed — The best warranty in the business, afforded by over 30 years of experience and over 2 million collectors installed.
  • Maintenance Free — Seamless Engineering — “One piece” panel design and superior mounting system eliminates the need for rubber hoses and metal clamps.
  • Full Flow system — Patented design prevents clogging or pressure build up.
  • Freeze resistant — Water escapes completely, preventing freezing and cracked tubes.
  • Roof Protection — Panels “float” above roof, allowing it to breath and stay clean and dry. Attractive and Efficient
  • Aesthetically Pleasing — Multiple panel sizes blend nicely with your home.
  • Green Living — Heat your pool with the ultimate emissions-free, cost-free renewable energy source, the sun.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump – considering cost, reliability, efficiency and usage tends to be the most cost effective and dependable. Other options include solar energy, also a reliable and very cost effective way to heat a pool. It involves installing several solar panels on your roof and is subject to the presence of the sun. Natural gas or Liquid propane heaters heat pools and spas quickly and under any weather conditions. The cost to operate these however is very expensive, costing 4-7 times more to operate than a heat pump. There are some scenarios where it makes sense to utilize a combination of heating methods, depending on your needs and pool usage. We can help you design the best solution for you pool. Gulfstream heat pumps come with a 5 year parts and labor warranty.

Fortunately, a heat pump is one of the most cost effective and affordable ways to heat your pool. To run the heat pump year round at 85 degrees with a cover, can cost under $500 for the entire year. Add a pool blanket and you can cut the cost more than half. These are average and general costs – to determine your usage and costs, there are sizing and cost guides. Economy Pool can also give you more detailed information about adding a heat pump to your pool.

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