Balm, Florida, is a lovely city for people seeking serenity and pleasant weather. Because this region has a humid subtropical climate, sweltering days are the norm in Balm. Unfortunately, homeowners have to take precautions to keep algae out of their swimming pools.

Excessive sunlight, carbon dioxide and dirty water give rise to algae growth. The stemless plant must be removed, or it can clog filters and other components. If bacteria from the plant get on you or inside your body, you can develop serious health problems. That’s why it’s good to hire a professional pool cleaner Balm FL.

Pool Cleaning Balm, FL

Economy Pool of Florida will assist you whenever you’re searching for a pool service near me. People, animals and insects can contaminate the swimming water with hazardous particles. Whether your pool is green or not, you should frequently clean it. Some tasks must be carried out seasonally. If you want your pool to be safe and usable, let a pool cleaner Balm FL handle all the maintenance work. Our pool service Balm FL will help protect your investment.

We specialize in pool cleaning. The cleaning products we use contain a unique blend of ingredients. Once we treat your pool with them, the swimming water will be free of dirt and crystal clear. This is the case because our treatment will sanitize and balance the water right.

Pool Equipment Service

The various accessories on the pool can stop working without warning if they’re neglected. However, you can easily get a solution from us when your pool is green or damaged. Our skilled technicians can tackle pool pump repair, pool filter repair and upgrades. We fix these components with excellent results:

Service Plans

We provide three pool service plans, and each one will improve your pool in the most important ways. Choose our silver option for monthly care. Consider our gold option for biweekly services. If you want your pool to receive the ultimate treatment, look into our platinum weekly plan. We do it all for our customers:

  • Chemical check and balance
  • Brush tiles, handrails and walls
  • Vacuum as needed
  • Skim the surface for debris
  • Algae treatments

Reliable Pool Service Near Me

We want you to know that our pool service Balm FL is geared toward putting your pool in the best condition. To consistently meet your expectations, we’ll do thorough cleanups every time. Also, we’ll complete every pool pump repair and pool filter repair on a convenient day. Call Economy Pool of Florida today to get a free quote or more information!