Hunters Green is a small town located in the area of Tampa in the state of Florida. The sparse population in the area makes it a charming place for taking a vacation or going into retirement. The warm climate in the middle of the Florida peninsula is inviting.

This state attracts people from all over the world who wish to enjoy the benefits of the warm year-long temperatures. The climate in this region can provoke the rapid growth of algae within any pool, and this should be avoided whenever possible by setting up a regular cleaning regimen.

Pool Cleaning Hunters Green

The team at our company offers the best value and affordable pool cleaning services. Our company stocks the best products for use in your pool. This includes quality chemicals, O-rings, pumps, motors, cleaning agents, salt generators and other parts. We can evaluate your pool to determine the best course of action.

Pool Equipment Service

Homeowners often choose to have a pool in the yard to enjoy the heatwaves in comfort. However, pools require regular maintenance and cleaning in order to remain safe. The pool equipment also requires maintenance, which is why we developed three service plans to ensure that you can select the right level of protection for your pool equipment repair and pool maintenance needs.

Additional types of pool equipment repair we provide include the following:

  • Pool pump, pool service and filters
  • Heaters and accessories
  • Saltwater equipment service and repairs

Pool Cleaning Hunters Green Service Plans

There are three distinct types of service plans available, and they are designed to allow customers to select the right level of protection for their pool equipment repair and service budget. Each level of service is performed in an exceptional manner. Every customer requires the type of cleaning and maintenance that will allow you to enjoy your pool for years to come.

Platinum service plan:

This plan has the most comprehensive level of coverage. The monthly rate is only slightly higher than the Gold level, but you can enjoy the benefits that come with bi-weekly cleanings, algae treatments and discounts on pool equipment repairs. All the basic benefits of the Gold level plan are also included.

Gold level service plan

This is an ideal plan for anyone looking for the best value for the money. It offers incredible protection with monthly cleanings, pool service and a series of other benefits. This includes, monthly salt cell cleaning, basic chemical treatments, vacuuming, skimmer and pump basket maintenance, brush wall and tiles, and regular chemical checks and balancing.

Silver monthly plan

This service plan has the lowest price, and you will enjoy basic coverage. This includes the water chemical check, monthly filter cleaning, and service for the skimmer and pump baskets.

Economy Pool of Florida is a premiere company that serves the needs of homeowners in this region. We are a best in-class cleaning and service team, and we can protect the health of your family by ensuring that the pool pump is well-maintained, so give us a call, or request an online quote.