Florida’s Pinellas County boasts the metropolitan delights of cities like St. Petersburg and Clearwater as well as the natural beauty of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

In particular, Boyd Hill Nature Preserve is terrific for hiking and birding, and the Florida Botanical Gardens are heaven for horticulturalists. Plus, this county is home to many historic neighborhoods, farmers’ markets, exciting nightclubs, and pristine beaches.

Of course, given the regional climate, many Pinellas County residents and visitors enjoy swimming pools. However, a pool in Florida — or anywhere else — is only safe and appealing if it’s maintained well.

Keeping Up a Pool

For starters, your pool water must be disinfected regularly. Otherwise, you’ll be taking dips with dangerous fungi and bacteria. In addition, you have to clean your filter on a routine basis. If you don’t, you’ll be splashing around in dirty water before you know it.

The liner and the outside of your pool need frequent cleaning. Further, you must always guard against leaks. They’ll worsen over time, and they could prove costly.

Especially important, the water in your pool has to be pH balanced. That is, its pH reading should be about 7.4 or 7.5. If it’s too high or too low, you may have to deal with irritated skin and harmful germs.

Economy Pool does an amazing job, always quick clean and efficient!

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Residential Pool Services

If you lack the time or the know-how for weekly pool maintenance, the authorities at Economy Pool could handle those tasks for you. Homeowners can select a package with all of the services they’re interested in. That way, you never pay for a service you don’t want.

These service packages contain algae treatments, chemical balancing, equipment repairs, surface skimming, tile brushing, and more.

Commercial Pool Services

If your business owns and operates one or more swimming pools, you can turn to Economy Pool for professional upkeep.

No matter the size of your pool or spa, Economy’s employees will make sure that it adheres to all applicable regulations and industry standards. These experienced individuals thoroughly clean and treat pool water, including salt water, and they install and fix mechanical devices.

To sum up, Economy’s services include:

Economy Pool Supplies and Service has been providing expert help to homes and businesses since 1974. It now operates three locations, and its team has earned a reputation for meticulous work and top-notch equipment. For a free service quote, please contact Economy at any time.