Florida’s Meadow Oaks community is located in Pasco County. It lies within the greater Tampa Bay area. Meadow Oaks has a strong reputation as a community that offers its residents a great mix of rural and suburban life. The warm and sunny climate of the Meadow Oaks area makes it the ideal setting for homeowners to have their own swimming pools. Though the beautiful climate of Meadow Oaks is pleasant and sunny, it is also the ideal climate for the rapid growth of algae.

This is a consistent problem that the area’s homeowners face and it helps to emphasize the need for regular pool cleaning and routine maintenance. Homeowners in the Meadow Oaks area also need to frequently have their pool equipment inspected because of this issue.

When pool owners in the Meadow Oaks area need the best in cleaning, maintenance, and inspection services, they turn to our team of experts here at Economy Pool of Florida. We have been proudly serving Florida customers since 1974 and take great pride in maintaining our reputation as a dedicated pool services company that does the job right the first time.

We always aim to deliver a superior customer experience with every job that we do and your satisfaction is our top priority. We are the experts in the Meadow Oaks area to call on when you need help ensuring that your pool stays clean and algae free. We proudly serve the area’s residential customers and are also the area leader in commercial pool services.

Pool Cleaning

When you rely on our pool cleaning experts, you get the benefit of experienced professionals who can help to ensure that your pool stays clean throughout the year. We are dedicated to offering you prompt and efficient service and doing the job the right way. Our team never cuts corners and we use only the highest quality cleaning products.

Pool Equipment Service

Keeping your pool equipment in top condition is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your pool. Whether you need installation service, or repair and maintenance, our team of professionals is there for you.

Pool Leak Detection

A leak in your pool can become a major problem and a costly one. Our experienced professionals can help you avoid major issues with our leak detection services. It is not uncommon for a pool to experience a leakage issue, but when it does, our team has the experience and the right equipment to solve the issue quickly.

Our Pool Equipment Service Range Includes:

Our Pool Service Plans

We offer an impressive range of pool service plan options here at Economy Pool of Florida. Our pool service plans include:

Silver Service Plan (Monthly)

  • Monthly filter cleaning
  • Check the water chemicals and balance
  • Empty pump basket
  • Empty skimmer basket

Gold Service Plan (Bi-Weekly)

  • Monthly filter clean
  • Pool surface skimmed for debris
  • Brush walls
  • Tiles and handrails brushed
  • Chemical level check and balance
  • Salt cell cleaned monthly
  • Leased sale cell usage at no additional cost
  • Basic chemicals included (chlorine, sodium bicarbonate, salt, acid)

Platinum Service Plan (Weekly)

  • Walls brushed
  • Surface skimmed for debris
  • Water chemical levels checked and balanced
  • Tiles and handrails brushed
  • Skimmer and pump baskets emptied
  • Vacuuming when needed
  • Bi-weekly filter cleaning
  • Pool equipment repair discounts
  • Basic and problematic chemicals included
  • Algae treatments
  • Leased sale cell usage at no additional cost

Economy Pool Supplies and Service

Contact our Meadow Oaks pool service today at Economy Pool of Florida. You can give us a call or send a message through our website. We would love to speak to you about the great residential and commercial pool services that we can offer you. Call us today to find out more!