Dade City, FL Pool Services

Dade City personifies old Florida with historical buildings, an emphasis on citrus production and gorgeous architecture throughout its downtown. It serves as a fun escape to greater Tampa Bay residents and is also an amazing place to call home.

Whether individuals live in Dade City or are merely visiting for a relaxing vacation, pools keep everything fun. The Florida heat and humidity make pools necessities for cooling off in this climate, particularly during the summer months when heat indices can rise dramatically. However, pools notoriously require a great deal of upkeep for both weekly cleaning as well as routine maintenance. That is where our professionals from Economy Pool of Florida can help.

Residential Pool Services

Our pool services begin at home where we help Dade City residents keep their backyard pools working well no matter how hot it becomes. Many homeowners simply do not have time to clean their pools two to three times each week and choose one of our service plans to get the vacuuming and skimming services they need. In addition, we can help with any seasonal or unexpected repairs or pool emergencies.

Commercial Pool Services

In addition, we serve a wide variety of local businesses throughout the Dade City area, including hotels, resorts, homeowners’ associations and community centers that have pools on their properties. These pools typically see a great deal of daily use and require regular cleaning and maintenance to look their best.

Pool Cleaning

Regular cleaning can help pool filters and pumps last longer and can also make swimming a more enjoyable experience. Whether our customers require regular pool cleaning throughout the year, seasonal cleaning or one-time cleaning following a storm, our professionals are eager to help. We also use safe, environmentally friendly chemicals to keep algae from growing, to chlorinate the water and to make the pool a hygienic place to play or relax.

Services We Offer

At Economy Pool of Florida, we are proud of the wide array of services we offer home and business owners. All of our services are designed with your unique needs in mind and can be customized to fit your budget and pool brand.

Our competent and courteous professional pool technicians can solve all of your pool problems and are experienced in working with a wide variety of pool brands. From our routine service plans to our pool repair and maintenance options, we are sure that we will be able to meet your needs completely. Call our office today to request a free service quote so that you or your guests can start enjoying the pool again.