Environmentally Sound Pool Cleaning Chemicals at Economy Pool

Economy Pool has a complete line of pool chemicals to keep your pool in top shape. Our line of chemicals are manufactured to our exact specifications, to bring you the most value for your money. We manufacture our own brand of Chlorine Tabs in various quantities and have other supplies to keep your pool healthy. Stop by our stores or give us a call for more information.


Algaecide is a chemical treatment designed to kill and prevent algae growth. While chlorine can help discourage algae growth, other factors – including water temperature, sunlight, pH and mineral content – can encourage algae growth. Rain, debris and even swimmers can introduce algae to pool water. Algaecides can help keep algae growth at bay. Regular use of algaecides can prolong the life of the water filtration system, by preventing plant material from clogging the filters and pump intakes. In addition, less chlorine may be necessary, providing a more pleasant experience for swimmers.

Pool Cleaning Chemicals

View our pool treatment chemicals below. We stock chlorine tabs, muriatic acid, sulfuric acid and chlorinating solution.

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