Why is my Pool Always Green?

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Everybody loves bright, clear water in their pool. A beautiful pool is a universal symbol of luxury and accomplishment. However, far too many people wake up day after day to filthy, green water, and no matter what they do, it seems they can never get their pool to that glistening brilliance they want. If you’re a pool owner who struggles with perpetually green water, don’t worry. Getting your pool pristine takes work, but it can definitely be done. Here is why pool water turns green and how to fix it quickly.

What Makes Pool Water Green?

A dark green color in a pool can make it look like a sci-fi, radioactive river from an alien planet; however, the green color that appears in pools is simply the result of algae that grows in the water. Although it won’t make you grow a third leg or arm, it’s still unpleasant to look at, and not altogether safe either. Algae itself isn’t dangerous, but it can become a home to certain microbes that are not healthy to rub against your skin. If your pool water is green, it’s best to stay out of it until you get it cleaned up. 

How to get a Pool Looking Clear?

Making a pool clear as air is not as difficult as it may sound. You just have to know what you’re doing. First, test your pool. If your water is green, there’s a good chance your chlorine and PH levels are too low. To fix this, first, get your PH level up to around 7.8 with an acid or base. 7.8 is usually too high, but it’s necessary if you’re treating algae. Then, you need to get your chlorine level up fast, so add in a generous amount of shock. Make sure your filter is working properly as well, and give it a cleaning if it needs it. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully for all of these chemicals and use them in proportion to your pool size. After you’ve added the chemicals, clean all of the leaves and debris out of the pool and vacuum the bottom and sides. If you want to go the extra mile, you can add some algaecide to your pool as well.

The color of your pool water is the difference between a gorgeous centerpiece and an unsightly cesspit in the middle of your yard. Fortunately, with the right strategy, the look of your pool can 180 in only a week. If you ever need help getting your green pool under control we are just a click away from giving you the help you need to restore your pool to its beautiful state.