Top 10 Pool Supplies You Need

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Whether installing a pool, winterizing one or getting summer-ready, you need a few supplies on hand. These top 10 pool supplies make pool ownership easier, giving you more time to jump in the water.

Top 10 Pool Supplies You Need

1. Water Test Strips

Weekly water testing gives you the intel needed to keep pool water crystal blue. Test strips make it quick and easy. Dip a strip under the surface and compare it to the scale provided.

2. Water Balancing Chemicals

Test strips or a professional water sample test show needed adjustments. Look for pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness levels. Add the right dose of balancing chemicals for a healthy swim.

3. Cleaning Tools

Water clarity and health increase when you keep the liner and water clean. Quality tools, like a vacuum head and hose, skimmer, leaf rake and brush, and pool pole, make the job easy.

4. Surface Cleaners

Stains and algae require elbow grease and effective multi-surface cleaners to disappear. Taking care of problem areas promptly reduces the time spent clearing them up.

5. Automatic Pool Cleaner

To ease the daily upkeep of a pool, an automatic pool cleaner is your ally. It does not replace manual cleaning. But, it certainly reduces muscle strain and pool cleaning time.

6. Garden Hose

To raise the water level when opening your pool, a garden hose does the trick. Also, use it to clean the deck around the pool, keeping it free of debris that might end up in the water.

7. Leaf Blower

Chasing leaves and debris away with a leaf blower prevents them from blowing onto the pool cover or into the water. It’s useful on decks or for a good sweep around the pool.

8. Hand Tools

Installing, maintaining and repairing your pool require a collection of simple hand tools. Wrenches, nut drivers, pliers and screwdrivers tighten ladders, adjust filter clamps and more.

9. Pool Cover

Leaves, bugs and other debris clutter your pool and cloud the water. A quality cover keeps these enemies at bay in the off-season. And, it makes getting your pool summer-ready simpler.

10. Fun

The point of a pool is relaxation and memories. When gathering your pool supplies, make sure to pick out something to encourage the fun. It makes the maintenance worth it!

Keep Swimming

A clean pool can feel like a fantasy, an unachievable dream. But a few supplies and know-how make this dream a reality. Stock up and keep swimming.

To keep your pool swim-ready, consider our Pool School or professional cleaning services. Contact Economy Pool of Florida today to get your questions answered!