The Benefits of Having a Heater Installed in Your Pool

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Many people think having a pool in Florida means they have a pool ready for year-round use due to the warm temperatures. That is not the case. Spring, fall and winter get cool enough at night to drop your water to an uncomfortable temperature. Fret not! A pool heater is the perfect solution to help you maximize your investment and enjoy your swimming pool year-round. Here are some of the benefits that come with installing a pool heater.

Swimming All Year

The obvious benefit to having a pool heater is you get to utilize your pool all 12 months. Despite being known for its warm winters, Florida temperatures can drop into the 50s and even 40s at night. These cool temperatures are low enough to make water temperatures too cold for comfort. A pool heater means the pool’s water will remain a comfortable temperature year-round.

Swimming in the Dark

Even during the summer, the cool night air can cause your pool to be too chilly for a dip in the dark or an early morning workout in the water. Equipping your pool with a heater will provide you with the opportunity to jump in your pool any time of day!

Beating the Summer Heat

Many pool heaters also have a cooling pump on them. When the mid-summer sun is beating down on the water too many consecutive days, it can get so hot it’s uncomfortable. Having a pump with a cooling feature keeps the water at the perfect temperature in the middle of summer.

Health Benefits

Many people invest in a pool for the health benefits. A pool can encourage you to hop in and swim a few laps. Then reality hits you like a bucket of ice water. A cold pool is a deterrent to the extra exercise you may have may have envisioned when you made the investment. Having steady and comfortable water temperatures throughout the year will get you and your family into the water on a consistent basis, creating a healthier, happier household.

Social Benefits

If you have a pool, you may enjoy hosting pool parties. When the temps get too cold for comfort, you can forge on. If you have a pool heater, invite your neighbors over and keep the party going all year!

Interested in reaping the benefits of a pool heater? Contact the professionals at Economy Pool of Florida and let them help you on your way to a better swimming experience!