There is nothing more refreshing than relaxing by your pool during hot summer days. Don’t let this joy be taken away with murky water or floating debris. Learn the best ways to keep your pool clean this summer.

Keep Your Pool Chemistry in Check

Without the proper chemical balance, your pool will quickly lose its luster and appeal. Check the pool chemistry a couple of times a week during peak season and between two to four times per month in less active times. 

Use a pool chemistry testing kit to assess its chemical levels easily. Maintain a pH level between 7.2 and 7.8. The ideal level of 7.4 will keep your pool the safest and most comfortable for your family and guests.

Make a Daily Sweep of the Pool

Establish a daily routine of sweeping your pool with a net or vacuum to remove anything that can clog the drains or cause other problems. This discipline will pay off by stopping many issues from getting out of hand. 

Clean out the Skimmer and Filter

Help your cleaning devices work for you. Maintain all of your pool equipment to extend its life and functionality. 

The skimmer skims the pool for debris before the trash becomes saturated and pulled to the floor. Routinely open up the skimmer, remove the basket and dump out any collected waste. 

Your filter will need cleaning less often, but its service is vital for your pool’s health. Service every four to six months, depending on the level of pool usage.  Look for the following telltale signs of a dirty filter:

Review the instructions for cleaning your filter provided to you by the manufacturer. Keep these directions close at hand for quick reference.

Check Your Water Level

Maintaining a proper water level is essential for optimal long-term performance. A water level that is too low will damage the water pump system. A water level that is too high will cause the skimmer not to work correctly and leave contaminants in your pool. Avoid all problems by knowing and keeping the right water levels.

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