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Signs You Need a New Heater, Filter or Pump for Your Pool

There are many reasons to install a new pool heater, filter or pump. They can help keep your pool clear, prevent algae blooms, reduce the chance of costly repairs and help keep your pool running efficiently. 

But, these parts can break. How do you know when they are getting ready to break? We get this question asked of us all the time at Economy Pool of Florida

Here are some signs that you may need a new pool heater, filter or pump. 

How To Tell if a Pool Heater Is Defective

If you notice a crack or split in your pool heater, it may be on its last legs, and you likely need to buy a new one. 

A cracked heater will leak and run, so you should fix the issue right away. An unlubricated heater may even break apart while in use. 

It’s often cheaper to simply buy a new one. 

How to Tell if a Pool Pump is Defective?

The most common pool pump problem is an electrical short that occurs when the back of the motor is damaged. Most experts recommend that your pool’s pump be serviced every 3-5 years. Shorted wires can cause the motor to overheat and shut off automatically.

How To Tell if a Pool Pump Is Defective?

The most frequent problem with a pool filter is that the system has the wrong flow rate for the pool. When the correct flow rate is needed, it can become a safety hazard if it is not adjusted correctly. 

For example, if your pool filter delivers more water through the filter head than it needs, then the water will escape through a clogged overflow plug or drip line, which allows algae to grow.

Why Should I Replace My Pool Heater, Filter or Pump?

Pool accessories don’t last forever. Regardless of how old your pool heater, filter or pump is, it’s a good idea to have your equipment checked and updated to prevent future mechanical problems. 

You may want to replace your filter, heater or pump because of issues such as burns, clogged hoses or leaking gas tanks.

Economy Pool of Florida Can Take Care of All Your Pool Needs

If you notice any of the issues outlined above, take it to Economy Pool of Florida right away. 

We’ve been serving Florida residents since 1974. Our trained pool technicians have more than enough experience to tackle any pool related job.

Contact Economy Pool of Florida today to get started.

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