Should you Swim There? What to Look for in a Healthy Pool

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Not everyone thinks about whether a pool is healthy or not before jumping in and splashing around. In a 2016 study, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), found that eighty percent of the inspections of public pools were reported for violating health and safety rules. Out of these pools, every one-out-of-eight inspections forced pools to close down due to serious violations that were a significant threat to the health of swimmers. So, it is incumbent on anyone who decides to swim in a pool to determine if it is a safe one in which to do so. Here is some information on how to do exactly that.

Take A Look in the Deep End

To determine if a pool is healthy enough to swim in, check out the deep end first. If the drain is visible, there is a good chance it is well-maintained. If the drain is clear, it is easier for others to determine if you need help. It is also important to make sure the drain is secure, to avoid getting injured on any broken metal.

Check the pH Level

Testing a pool’s pH levels also can show if the chlorine/bromine concentration is correct. It is best to have pH levels between 7.2 and 7.8. The chlorine should be at 1 ppm, and bromine should be at 3 ppm). If it is even slightly off, the bacteria can cause gastrointestinal outbreaks in swimmers. If you don’t have litmus test paper on hand, you can easily get a pool test kit at any pool supply store.


Contrary to popular belief, if a pool has algae in it, it is not necessarily unhealthy. Algae does not cause diseases, but it does work as a sign to adjust the chemicals in the pool. Algae can drop a pool’s chlorine content, which can then affect the water quality and make the water green, smelly and cloudy.

Look for Evidence of Human Waste

The biggest issue that chlorine cannot fix is the presence of human waste. The CDC’s study showed that a majority of pool filters had E. Coli contamination that came from human feces. This study showed it takes only a minute for E. Coli to invade a healthy, well-balanced pool, and cause an infection to anyone who ingests even a small amount of the contaminated water.

Having a healthy swimming pool is dependent on having the right chemical balance. If this sounds too much like your high school chemistry class, leave it to the professionals! Economy Pool of Florida will do all the balancing to make sure your pool is healthy and safe. They will do routine cleanings with their own equipment. For a free quote, you can contact Economy Pool.