Should You Get Your Pool Ready for Fall in Florida?

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Many of our customers ask about pool maintenance as summer winds down and fall begins. Should you get your pool ready for fall in Florida? Well, the answer depends on you and whether you wish to use it year-round.

October tends to be a transitional month in Florida, and homeowners continue to enjoy the use of their pools during the early part of the month. With the approach of November — and usually cooler temperatures — most homeowners stop using their pools and get them ready for the remainder of fall and for the winter season.

As the weather shifts, pool owners often welcome the break from the upkeep and chores associated with operating them. In the northern states, it’s usually necessary to drain the pool as part of the winter preparation. Florida pool owners must take some different steps to “winterize” their pools.

If you choose to close your pool, follow these steps to best prepare and maintain it during the cooler off-season.

Water Levels

Reduce the water by four to six inches below the skimmer if you live in an area that’s prone to freezing. If you live in a region that doesn’t freeze during winter, leave your pool completely filled. Remember to check periodically, and refill the water as needed to maintain the proper level.

Chemical Balance and Prevention of Algae

Make sure your pool’s chlorine, pH and alkalinity levels are in balance and stable. Try to keep the pH around 7.5. Monitor your pool’s chemical balance and make any needed adjustments. In addition, keep the water circulating. It’s advised to run the pool’s circulation pump four to six hours every day during the off-season.


Give your pool a good scrubbing before closing it for the winter. Skim and vacuum the pool, clearing any debris and leaves. Take some time to clean the skimmer baskets, walls, bottom and any other areas of the pool needing extra attention. While you are cleaning, be sure to remove any items like ladders and floats, and store them until next spring.

Pool Cover

After all that work, make sure to choose a properly fitting pool cover, which will provide protection and safety in maintaining your pool over the winter months.

Year-Round Pool Use

If you intend to use your pool year-round and not close it for the winter, consider a pool heater — especially a solar option. It’s a great way to keep your operating costs down. And make sure to follow your usual cleaning routine throughout the colder months.

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