Pool Safety Tips for the Summer

Economy Pool Blog

With Summer fast approaching, it’s time to get prepared to open the pool. We all know that pool safety must be a priority, but what do you need to do to keep your family safe? Let’s look at some ways that you can keep your pool fun instead of dangerous.

Check Your Fence

Having a fence around your pool may seem like a nuisance, but it is an absolute necessity. A fence will help protect your own family as well as your neighbors and pets. Inspect your fence to make sure that everything is ship-shape. Check for weak points and broken sections. If you do not have a secure fence already, there are a variety of fencing options available to you.

Inspect Floating Devices

If you have little ones swimming in the pool, you probably already have a variety of flotation devices and toys. Now is a good time to check each life vest for tears and weak points. Make sure that the vest is approved by the US Coast Guard. Consider each inflatable device and toy carefully. Will a non-swimmer be depending on these to keep their head above water? Leaking inflatables might leave your child without the protection that you expect.

Sign-up for Swim Lessons

The best way to make sure that your family is safe from accidents in the pool is to make sure each person can swim well. Don’t wait until the warm weather comes to teach your child to swim. Sign them up at the YMCA or a city swimming pool. Even babies can learn to be comfortable in the water and stay afloat. Your family will get excellent exercise while gaining confidence and a valuable life skill.

Set the Pool Rules

Every swimming pool needs a list of rules. Make sure that every family member and guest knows, understands and agrees to each rule. Decide in advance on the consequences for breaking a rule. Choose a specific length of time that an offender will have to sit out of the pool. Here are some rules you might consider:

  • No swimming alone.
  • No diving in water less than eight feet deep.
  • No swimming at night without underwater lights.
  • Horseplay should end immediately when someone says “stop.”
  • No running around the pool.

Check the Chemicals

Before anyone jumps in the pool, make sure that the water quality and chemical levels are safe. Get a testing kit from your local pool supply company. An easier option is to set-up a service plan with Economy Pools. Remove the stress of caring for your pool and make sure that your family is swimming in safe water. Talk to Economy Pools about their innovative and environmentally friendly products. They will help you keep your pool clean with very little time and money invested.

Remove the stress of having a pool in your backyard this summer by following these simple safety tips. Make your pool a place of relaxation and family fun instead of stress and danger.