Florida Fall Pool Maintenance

Economy Pool Blog

As fall approaches, Florida pools are still in use. You may not use the pool as often as the summer months, but there is no stopping you from taking a dip. During the spring and summer months, you are more conscious of the pool maintenance. But when the usage decreases, you may forget the routine maintenance. If it is not in use, you might feel like you do not need to take the time.

Cooler Weather Approaching

As the cooler weather starts rolling in, you want to continue your routine cleaning of your pool. Make sure you clean and vacuum your pool daily. As you clean your pool, do not overlook cleaning the filter. The cleaner your pool is during the cooler month’s means when the peak pool season arrives, there is not as much work to do.

Checking the Chemicals

Even with the cooler weather, it is important to keep the balance of you pool’s chemicals. You need to continue to check the chemicals at least weekly. If you are still using your pool in the cooler months, you need to check them more often.

Water Levels

Since you may not use your pool as often, you may not notice the decreasing water level. With the cooler weather, the pool water begins to evaporate. So, you need to check your water level weekly and add water when the level becomes too low.

Pool Toys and Accessories

The decrease use in your pool means the pool toys and accessories are also not getting used. So when fall is here, you may want to sort through all your pool toys and accessories and store the ones that the kids are not playing with consistently. This will keep the pool area cleaner and keep water from collecting in them and causing potential problems later on.

Keeping in the Heat

The temperature of the water in your pool will start to drop as the weather gets cooler. If you want to continue to use your pool year round, you need to consider covering your pool with a solar cover. The solar cover will allow the sun to help heat your pool during the day and keep the water temperature from dropping at night.

If you need more information on fall pool maintenance or service plans, contact Economy Pool of Florida.