Detecting a Leak in Your Pool

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Every pool loses water naturally from evaporation, over-excited splashing or any number of reasons. So, you have to add more water from time to time. But a red flag should be raised if you find yourself constantly refilling multiple inches of water each day. This means you have a leak in your pool. Leaks can occur both outside and inside of the pool and can sometimes be difficult to spot. However, there are methods you can use to find the source of the leak.

Tape Marking

One way you can tell if your pool is losing too much water via leakage is the tape method. It’s fairly easy. Simply place a strip of tape on the inner wall of your pool along the top of the water. Leave it for about 24 hours, then come back and check. If the water is down more than a quarter-inch from where it was when you placed the tape, you could be dealing with a leak.

Weighted Bucket

Another method you can use is placing a weighted bucket on the steps of your pool. You can weigh the bucket down with bricks, rock or any heavy object. Fill the bucket on the step with enough water to make the levels both inside and outside of the bucket the same. As with the tape, check back in 24 hours. If the water outside the bucket drops below the water inside, you have a leak. Do this twice, once with the pump on and once with it off.

Finding the Leak

Once you have determined you have a leak, finding it is simple. Check around the pool, both on the ground and surrounding walls for cracks, tears and/or moist areas. This will give you a general idea of where the leak is. After you determine that, you will need some dye. Without causing too much commotion in the water, squeeze some dye into the area of the leak. If it is there, the dye will start to move towards the leak in the water. The dye method should be done with the pump off.

Still Having Issues?

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