Can Pool Services or Accessories Be a Holiday Gift?

Economy Pool Blog

The holiday season is approaching. If you have a pool in Florida, closing your pool for winter is usually optional. Whatever you choose, having a pool brings much pleasure but also requires responsible upkeep and maintenance.

If you know a pool owner, consider a unique holiday gift of pool services, accessories or equipment. Most pool owners would welcome such a thoughtful or helpful present. Need help deciding? Here are some suggestions for your favorite pool owner!

Pool Service

Pool service plans can be monthly, bi-weekly or weekly, depending on your gift-buying budget. All service plans include filter cleaning, emptying the skimmer and pump baskets and checking water chemical levels. Other items, such as vacuuming or brushing the pool walls, are available based on the service plan.

Pool Accessories

From toys to pool fountains, accessories can enhance pool ownership. Practical gifts include tools, cleaners, solar covers, ladders and lights. Items like leaf skimmer nets, rakes and maintenance kits always come in handy. If you’d rather give a “fun” gift, toys and floats offer different options. Beach balls or pool volleyballs always make for a lively time. And floats come in a variety of colors and shapes for relaxing in the pool.

Want to make a beautiful and stylish statement? A pool fountain can add a unique feature, including tiered fountains and colored light streams. Lighted pool fountains offer a dramatic display at night.

Pool Equipment

Pool equipment, such as heaters, allow for year-round pool use in Florida. Professional grade heaters include solar heaters and heat pumps. Solar heaters are a very popular, cost-effective choice among pool owners. Florida’s abundant sunshine makes solar power easy.

Heat pumps, though not solar-operated, are both energy efficient and budget-friendly. If a solar heater isn’t possible, a heat pump is a great choice.

A chlorine generator is another gift any pool owner would appreciate. If you’re unfamiliar with this particular type of pool equipment, a chlorine generator keeps the water clean and perfect for swimming. Imagine less work and no more red eyes or faded swimsuits!

As you can tell, there are many holiday gift options for your favorite pool owner. Or if you’re a pool owner, why not treat yourself. Reward yourself for all your hard work maintaining your pool throughout the year. For your pool-related holiday gift giving questions or other pool needs, contact Economy Pool today!