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5 Pool Safety Tips for Fall Pool Maintenance

With the Summer heat officially fading and fall weather on the way here in Florida, now is a great time to start thinking about your pool’s maintenance. It's time to turn off the pool pumps and take some time to help your swimming pool maintain its optimal chemical balance and structural integrity. 

Here at Economy Pool Supplies and Service, we've compiled five pool safety tips for fall pool maintenance. These are practical tips for making sure your pool remains safe and clean this fall and winter.

Keep Your Pool Filtration System Running

Before the end of the summer, many of us go into a "pool season hibernation." This means that we give our pool room enough time to properly winterize and then we lock the pool doors. 

Once the pool is covered, it is unlikely that anyone will go in and check on it at all. This results in a filtration system that has been left to fester for the fall and winter months.

It’s much easier to keep the filtration system running. It ensures that the water remains circulated and this keeps bacterial growth at bay.

Pool filtration systems are designed to remove potential hazards to your pool’s sanitation; such as leaves that may become trapped in the filters and plug them up. If you want your pool to stay safe and crystal clear during the fall, keep your pool filtration system running.

Check Your Pool's Water Level

Pool water is a precious commodity, and as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, it's important to make sure it doesn't go to waste. If your pool seems to be running a little slow, it's likely because you don't have enough water in it. 

When the pool is too low, it won't circulate properly. Even if the pool's water level is correct, it can still take time for the water to filter out through the skimmer. Consult your user manual to make sure you have the proper water level for your pool. 

Use the Appropriate Pool Chemicals

If you've ever owned a pool, you know that they are prone to algae infections. In fact, algae is a problem in a lot of pools around the country, and in many cases, it can be a serious algae infection that leads to toxic pool chemicals being used. 

The good news is that you can prevent algae problems and the use of toxic chemicals by following a few simple rules. Just make sure the chemicals you use are rated for your pool. Consult your user manual for the proper chemicals to use. 

If you are not certain what to use, simply contact the professionals.

Maintain Your Pool's Heating System

As the weather begins cooling down for the fall, you may be noticing a drop in the pool's temperature. The warmth of the summer can be a quick and easy way to achieve an inviting swimming environment, but it can also be a risky place to be. 

Your pool heater works hand in hand with the circulation and filtration components to keep everything clean. When your pool’s heating system breaks down, it invites bacteria to thrive, which can produce unpleasant, unsanitary odors. Algae and other contaminants will start to grow also.

Ensure that your heating system is working properly. If not, contact a pool technician to fix it fast.

Get Your Pool Inspected 

Every year we see pools that are leaking, rotting and have mildew. These problems are not only expensive, but they also pose a risk to all who use the pool.

Pool owners know that a proper inspection of your pool is necessary to avoid expensive repairs down the road. However, most people wait until an inspection is needed to schedule one. 

Professional pool maintenance teams know exactly what to look for by doing preventative maintenance checks along with regular pool maintenance. They bring everything needed from chemicals to equipment.

Let Economy Pool Supplies and Service Get Your Pool Ready for the Fall Season

In Florida, when it comes to pool maintenance and repairs, we know that you want the best there is. Our customers have trusted our family-owned business at Economy Pool Supplies and Service since 1974, and we are so proud of that fact. 

In all of that time, we’ve built up a fantastic reputation along with top quality excellence and customer service. Contact Economy Pool Supplies and Service today to get your pool maintained.

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